The Brazilian Hair Treatment

It’s a problem of all young girls and mature women. If our hair is straight, we want it curly. And if our hair is curly, of course, we want it straight. Ah, it is so complicated, beauty is power and women know how exactly to use it. This article helps you to learn some tricks the way to straighten your hair that is curly with the aid of Brazilian hair treatment. This article is a short review of how a Keratin product makes your hair silky, smooth, and straight. After your treatment, you can search for brushes to use here.

If you decided to straighten your hair, then you need to know a couple of facts concerning this procedure. Let’s start with the questions.  The first question is, where I can get it and is it possible to straighten hair at home? How much does it cost? So there are lots of question I try to tell everything that I know about Brazilian Hair treatment in a form that is quick to you.

I suggest you go to the hair salon. But in case you’ve some experience or have a good friend who has some experience so then you can try to apply every one of the products at home. But I need professional skills. If you prepare them on your own, you need to buy all of the products. I can assure you that’s a very complicated procedure that takes a long time.

The price of Keratin hair treatment depends on many factors. It depends on how famous the salon which you choose is. And secondly, it’s associated with the application time. It’s very wide range, as you can see and it’s better to place a call.

The safeness of Brazilian Keratin products depends on the ingredients and quality of it. I suggest you choose high-quality products and always read the label because there are a few types of treatment which include formaldehyde. This chemical may lead to cancer and is very dangerous. So be sure you chose a safe one.

The whole procedure usually takes about 4 – 5 hours. During the first hour, the hair stylist tells your about a method where she washes your hair and prepares it for the procedure. Next step is applying a Keratin mask. You wait 20 minutes while it seals into your hair. Next ironing and is drying your hair. It is the last step, but it takes the rest of the time. During approximately four hours, the hairstylist straightens and irons your hair.

You’ve got to take care of your new locks. Don’t clip them, and do not wash them during the next five days. Although you’re ready for a new life since the treatment, don’t use sodium shampoo. That’s it, you have straight silky hair for three months, after that you will need to repeat the Brazilian hair treatment.