Many prominent government figures have to watch what they say or text on their phone because they could be recorded. Fortunately, most of us do not have to worry because as cell phone conversations aren’t recorded, neither are cell phone text messages. Since there isn’t a national law requiring they be kept by your cell phone supplier, after you delete them, they are gone forever.

Texting spy software, acquired fromĀ, records the date, time as well as every message, to who is receiving it from who’s sending the message and length of the text message, up to 2,000 characters. Had the mayor and chief of staff used regular text messaging cellular phones their messages would not have been recorded.

Many people are wondering just how safe their text messages actually are, since this text message scandal happened. In general, they’re not quite public. While it is true that once you erase the messages, they are gone forever, if you’ve saved them on the cell phone’s SD card, they can be recuperated even after they have been erased. Retrieving them, nevertheless, is expensive and requires specialized firms. For $10 per month, many cell phone tracking businesses, can download specific software to a cell phone that would enable the messages to then be viewed via a site. This could be quite valuable to parents who want to keep an eye on their kid’s text message activity.

As for e-mails sent through a mobile phone, individuals should be aware they are kept on a server, much like on a computer, which archives and stores messages in secure databases. Most e-mails can be retrieved and handed over to a court of law as legal evidence if required by a subpoena.

Thus, with all this advice, it is possibly a great time to remember what our mom used to say, Don’t say (or write) anything you do not want other folks to find out.